You have to decide the exact or approximate numbers of hours you have to spend in either of the countries and later on, have to check the flight schedule, so that you may choose the dates of your entry and departure. Your exact staying duration in Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet will decide the total cost involved in your tour package. We calculate the duration based on exact numbers of nights you spend.

If you are an Indian citizen, you only require a valid passport. However, every other nationality requires a visa for entering any of the countries along with the passport.



We provide you almost everything to you to make your comfortable trek and tour journey. These include horses, elephants, planes, rickshaws, motorbikes, buses, mountain bikes and cars, along with going by own foot. Along with AC and deluxe buses, you may also opt to make your journey via jeeps in case you have to go various rough terrains. If this is not enough, you may even travel via domestic flights depending on specific itineraries.

We provide you a wide range of accommodation facilities for our trekkers and travelers worldwide, which may range from simple tents to beautiful palaces. In case you arrive for any cultural tour, you may even find options related to budget or deluxe accommodation facilities. Deluxe accommodation facilities consist of both modern and heritage star properties, while budget ones have 3 or 4 star type of properties.

Regardless you choose any deluxe or a budgeted accommodation facility, you will always find hotel rooms in clean condition with private yet cleaned bathrooms and friendly facilities management.

If you opt to visit Nepal to experience adventurous tour, you will expect to get a fully supported camp facility in combination with a few simple yet friendly teahouses or local lodge facilities. Teahouses are of local owned facilities and because of this; they give valuable contributions to the local economy of the trekking areas.

Our team of professional and experienced trekkers uses a suitable grading system to decide the right trek based on your requirements. These are

  • Gentle treks require you to walk for maximum 6 hours in a day and the height of the mountain peaks would remain within 3000m altitude.
  • Moderate treks involve relatively longer days to walk i.e. about 7 to 8 hours in a day and the height may be of 4000m or more.
  • Difficult treks involving some days with maximum 10 hours of walk and may go to maximum 5,000m height.

We provide you only top quality of trekking equipment to our travelers. These are sleeping bags, good quality tents and comfortable mattresses. Even during most of the treks, we provide porters to carry the necessary gear in a comfortable manner.

Individuals want to book a tour simply has to fill out the respective booking form and submit it. Later on, our staff will connect you via email and lets you to complete the process involved as well as advise you the necessary details related to the terms and conditions of making payment.

In Nepal, you will find many places, where you may go with either of the two options. However, hiring a professional guide gives you relatively more enjoyment, as you do not bother about your logistics, do not bear the risk of getting lost and get proper care in case of any emergency on your Himalayan tour.

We provide you with each of the adventurous, cultural, religious and other trek/trip options under a single roof. In this way, you only have to give call to us to get information about various options related to exploring the Himalayan region.

Yes, because we navigate through more than hundreds of trips/treks to find out the one that matches perfectly with your schedule, budget, activity level and the chosen destination. In this way, you will obviously get a customized tour package to enjoy in the Himalayan mountain regions.

We design each of the treks/trips in the form of off-the-beaten trek journeys. Our team does almost everything to let you to experience the culture followed by local people and to be the part of local practices.

No, but you have to carry a few light packing items of the day, which may include camera, water bottle, an additional layer of clothes, rain coat, sun glasses, snacks and wind breaker. This is because; pack animals or porters will carry only your heavy gears.

Yes, if you have enough good health and undergo physical exercises regularly, such as tennis, jogging and long walks, you may go for any trip organized by our team.

You may do each of the three activities i.e. trekking, hiking and mountain climbing in Nepal. However, before you should either of the three, it is essential for you to get the necessary trekking/mountaineering equipments, as per the recommendations given by the professional guide.

Numbers of days, you have to spend in Nepal depends primarily on your selected routes and the scenic beauties you want to view. This means, you may opt for a few long days of more than 20 days, such as Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Circuit trek or may choose short trek of three days, like the Poon Hill Trek.

Cold weather may depend on the place you opt to visit and the season, during which you schedule your trip to Nepal. Not all of the treks require you to go very high, but in some cases, you have to do so. If you have to travel to high altitudes, you should essentially have warm clothes irrespective of the season you choose to visit.

You may experience quite random effect of altitude and it may or may not relate to your physical fitness. In this case, you may opt to avoid altitude sickness by over-do it activity. You may experience effects of altitude after you cross 3,000m and once you go at such height, you should take wise decision to ascend only 300 to 400 meters in a day.

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